Teaching / Coaching

since I moved from Salzburg to Vienna, from Vienna to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Duisburg

I continued teaching all through these periods

in the meantime already 15 years as bandcoach and drum teacher only in den Hague.

Since October 2015 I am also teaching at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien in Hannover.

Besides Seminars and workshops ( international ) I decided to offer my work as bandcoach and drum

teacher also in Germany ( Niederrhein, Ruhrgebiet )

If you are interestet, just feel free to use my contact form or just call me

I also offer sound and tuning advices, studio work and drumrecordings



As Coach & Co-Producer:

"Bernhard has been of great help writing and arranging our songs. He had a major impact making our music sound as it does today. Whether reducing a beat to it's essence, or adjusting some harmonies, his expertise and experience has led us on the right track."