Bernhard Weichinger

born: 1971 in Salzburg / Austria

starts to play drums at the age of 11

Until 1991 he plays in various local bands like: Madison 5, Scream Machine and Too Big Too Band,..

in 1991 he moves to Vienna to study drums  at the American Institute of Music where he becomes

teacher himself and meets musicians like: Oliver Mochmann, Todd Duane, Wayne Brasel, Danou Brand,

Bob Harrison and many more

1993 he decides to go to the Netherlands and study Jazz-drumming at the Hilversum Conervatory.

Since this time he works with various Bands and projects all over Europe, China, India, Nicaragua,....

besides studio/television/radio and live-work he also taught  as bandcoach and drum-teacher in

The Hague ( NL ). Since October 2015 he also teaches at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien in Hannover.

His newest projects are the Tommy Schneller Band ( Winner of the German " Schallplattenpreis" )

Michael van Merwijk & Bluesoul ( Winner of the german Blues Challenge 2011 and second price winner at the international Blues Challenge in Memphis ),

Adriano BaTolba Orchestra, The Silverettes and many more.



Bands & Projects:

Peter Kraus

Patricia Vonne

Carl Carlton

Thomas Blug


Larry Garner

Christian Dozzler

Dick Brave

Tommy Schneller

Michael van Merwijk & Bluesoul ( CD )

Butch Williams ( Voice of Germany )

Liquid Lefty ( CD )

Henrik Freischlader

Adriano Batolba Orchestra

Peggy Sugarhill

The Silverettes

Pim en Pom ( Filmmusik, DVD )

Oliver Steinhoff ( live DVD )



Dino on the loose ( CDs )

Candy Dulfer

Hans Dulfer

Saskia Laroo

Oliver Mochmann Trio ( Cds )

A mess of Blues ( live CD )


Mama feel good

Suzie’s Q

Suzy Dexter ( CD )

Ergo ( CD )


Margriet Sjoersma ( CD )

Tinsel Town

Pasadena Soul Society

Dvora Davies

Elements (live DVD)

Go spirit ( CD)

Massive Music ( ebay-Reklame )

Niet schieten ( CD )

Martijn Verdonk

Tineke Postma

Peter Tiehuis

Working Blues Band